What is Learning Transfer?

If things presented in a training programme are not sufficiently transferred into everyday life, you will not get the business results you desire. It’s very simple.

Is it possible to increase the number of participants that really transfer the lessons into their everyday work? How can Learning Transfer be increased? How can a training programme improve business results?

Is there something special or unique about the participants who are able to apply the matters presented in a training session in their work? Well, not really. Perhaps some of them are exceptionally motivated or have a positive attitude, but this does not explain the difference. The difference lies in the actions of their supervisors.

After the training, the superiors monitored the everyday work of the participants and gave feedback on how the matters discussed were actually transferred into practice. They also helped the transfer process by training, offering advice or even making demands right in the middle of everyday work.

When did you last learn a new skill, for example a golf swing? What did it take to learn? Perhaps you had to take a golf course, perhaps you benefited from a coach who monitored your swing and gave you feedback and tips. And afterwards? Transferring the swing into an automatic skill requires a lot of repetitions. Thousands of them. We learn by doing and we learn by repetition. The same applies to supervisor skills or sales skills. They are best learned by doing. Another thing that promotes learning is an opportunity to watch how others do the same thing. That often also increases the person’s efforts, since the other person’s actions encourage others to do the same.

How do you plan a training project that brings results? A good framework for planning is the 70/20/10 model. 70 = learning by doing, 20 = monitoring, feedback and training by the supervisor, 10 = training.

Learning by doing 70%
Supervisor's support 20%
Training days 10%

We at Rema understand this and are good at it. We help you to design a training project where the matters learned are actually transferred into everyday work, and you can reap the resulting business benefits! In such a project, it of course makes sense to use the best and most modern tools.

The best learning transfer tool we have discovered is Promote – The Learning Transfer Platform. It also features feedback, training and remote monitoring of goal attainment. Furthermore, Promote guides the participants to share their experiences on the practical transfer of lessons learned in training to their everyday life. This way, all participants learn by doing and from each others’ everyday experiences. When the training participants see both successful and failed transfers, it encourages them to continuous development. Positive peer pressure often accelerates the learning transfer!

You can read more about Promote here.

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