Staff onboarding

Make sure that your organization’s onboarding program is well-designed and that it is implemented  successfully.

A well-designed and digitalized onboarding program saves you money and time – while it also guarantees that your new recruit is successfully becoming part of your staff and engaging both into your organization’s strategy and values from the get-go. 

Onboarding is crucially important. If it is done successfully, the new recruit can quickly adapt to the organization’s culture, practises and values. A successful onboarding gives the new recruit a good first impression of the organization and ensures they can find their place in it, while also enjoying their new position.

In contrast, a poor onboarding program hinders motivation and engagement, and might cause frustration, lack of engagement, feelings of injustice and weaken the sense of community at the workplace. Unfortunately, poor onboarding often results in early resignations and can damage the organization’s brand image.

It is clear that onboarding undeniably matters.

Did you know that successful onboarding programs are proven to be connected into staff engagements and profit growth?


Successful recruitment process shouldn’t end in the signing of a work contract. Instead, it only kickstarts the journey that your new recruit embarks on to become your organization’s well-appreciated new member. Did you know that 86 % of new recuits decide whether they are going to stay or not in their new job during the first 6 months? If your organization has seasonal workers, they might quit (and do it during the busiest holidays) since they didn’t get a sense of belonging in their new job at any point.

The employee experience has a crucial impact on the brand and image of modern organizations. Whether an organization’s onboarding program is excellent or poor – the world will always spread through the grapevines. Onboarding is the key of great employee experience and in the process of gaining the top-talent recruits.


We offer this service since it is the backbone of every organization’s success. Great onboarding programs save everyone’s time and increases the staff’s well-being at work. Additionally, it ensures that every new recruit will get the same information they need and everyone is treated equally. This way, it can lessen the typical uncertainty that is felt by new recruits, and avoid potential misunderstandings.


  • new recruit feels welcomed to their new job
  • their first impression of the organization is good
  • they can start engaging in the organization’s strategy, values and culture immediately
  • they get access to the best practices from the start
  • they can find everything from one, appointed place. This saves time, when everyone knows where the required information is and supervisors are not required to answer the same question multiple times
  • they get a systematic onboarding journey, that is designed to suit their needs and to be in line with your own organization’s values, corpore culture and practises
  • they get to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas to others
  • they can get peer support from other new recruits
  • they can quickly become part of the work community

 “With our onboarding program, our seasonal workers became productive in less time. The program also saved time from our managers, since they didn’t have to answer questions that had already been answered in the digital platform (Promote).”

– Annika Devert, HR Manager, Willys
Willy’s is a Swedish retail company . Their staff consists of 7500 people.
Read more about this real-life case of successful onboarding project here.


  • you can improve your employer brand and attract talented recruits
  • you can engage new recruits faster into your strategy and values
  • your new recruits becomes productive faster
  • you can avoid unnecessary or early resignations that resulted from poor onboarding
  • you can view the new recruit’s progress digitally and in real-time.  This way, you can also offer support in case it is needed.
  • you can strengthen well-being and sense of belonging of your staff
  • you can ensure that your onboarding program is always kept up to date, it matches your needs and brings value to your staff members. You can also improve the program according to the feedback from recent recruits and with the help of the integrated analytical tools
  • you can implement best practises more easily
  • you can save time and money, when the practical things are already included in the onboarding program

We use the digital learning platform Promote in all of our onboarding programs. You can read more about this internationally acclaimed platform here.


  • accessibility of information (new recruits might feel stressed when everything is new to them and they do not know how they can find information)
  • too much information in a short time (it will be easier if the information is given in smaller chunks and accessed digitally)
  • hardship of finding the right forms, documents, manuals or contact info
  • unclear work role and responsibilities
  • difficulty of making sense of the corporate culture
  • the new recruit does not feel welcomed and considers quitting from an organization that they didn’t feel like they fit in to
  • inequality (new recruits might feel frustrated if they are not treated equally, and their success depends on the person responsible for their onboarding)
  • the new recruit grows frustrated and shares their experiences to their network or on social media
  • the onboarding feels out of date to the new recruit
  • the onboarding plan of the organization is not systematic or standardized

Why our onboarding program service can you bring most value?

1. We customize every onboarding program to fit your needs, goals and your organization’s culture

2. We use the scientifically tested, internationally acclaimed Promote Learning Platform to drive better results and Learning Transfer

3.  Our onboarding programs are very hands-on, digital and they can be easily scaled

4.  We are specialized in learning journeys and how to make learning happen

5. We can offer both a digital platform and a successful onboarding design

An onboarding program can include, for example:

  1. Virtual greeting from the new recruit’s supervisor or colleagues
  2. information about the schedule of the new recruit’s first days or weeks
  3. information package about practical matters (most important contacts, forms,  dressing code, door codes, keys, instructions on sick leaves etc)
  4. clear list of tasks and responsibilities of the new position
  5. team-building tasks

Want to know more or have a chat? You can find our contact info here.

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