Your sales forecasting sucks? Find out 3 reasons why

Your service is top-notch, so are your sales people. But even then you have no proper forecast of the future sales: they go up and down like a jojo.

Does that ring any bell? It certainly does to me.

Sales forecasting can be vital for business and useful for general planning. There are three main problems that might dampen the whole thing. Let’s look at it more closely.

Mistake 1: No Sales Process

”Well begun is half-done” – that’s how the saying goes. Yet you can’t get anywhere if you have a nice idea or a plan but no implementation. Sales people can have varied skillsets, personalities and styles. The problem is that every one of them might want to do it on their own way, and there isn’t any consistent Sales Process to guide them.

It’s like sending people to the wilderness without maps, and hoping they’ll get somewhere.

Mistake 2: Out-of-date, moldy plan

Do you feel frustrated when you have an idea how things should be done in your sales department but nobody really catches your meaning? Here’s the thing: unverbalized codes of conduct won’t transfer into daily work. It’s just how it is. Instead of that, you need a proper plan and proper way to implement it.

And no, that dusty ancient plan paper in the company’s forgotten locker doesn’t count.

And once you have made an updated plan, it will be a waste of time and money if you don’t make sure that it actually reaches the daily sales processes.

Mistake 3: You don’t solve the customers problems

Good sales are about providing a solution for the customer’s needs. It’s critical that you know what your customer wants, and how your solution can help them. If you truly know yourself and your customer, you will be far better at predicting the timing of their buying decision.

Sales forecasting gets tremendously better if you have a good, updated plan that has been implemented as a Sales Process and you truly know your customer.

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